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Being Diagnosed with herpes

So I found out on Monday that I have herpes. I haven't been tested but I had some blisters around my bottom and a nurse told me it looked like herpes. So here I am devastated and have been crying my eyes out ever since. I told my boyfriend of almost a year and at first he didn't seem too worried but the whole night I was with him he was acting different towards me and now he has gone silent on me. I'm so scared he's going to finish with me but I'd understand because who would want to be with someone that has herpes!! I just feel so low at the moment, I just want to curl up in a ball and stay there. I only have my mum to talk to, no friends and now it looks like no boyfriend either. I have seen so many people that are living happy lives with the virus which gives me some hope I just don't know how to get there myself. :(

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Go and see a GUM clinic and have them swab it. You will feel better knowing the truth. If your boyfriend loves you he's not going to break up with you becuase you have a skin infection. There's such a massive stigma around genital herpes, it is an sti but if you had some spots/sores on your arm- no one would bat an eyelid!

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