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Very stressed please advise

Big mistake of my life feeling really bad. I am from India and 38 years old.

Below is my case-

Had sex on 14 feb with CSW don't know her status.

I am always very careful about std don't know what happen that night to me.

1st round was oral sex she performed on me was unprotected and later after 20 minutes vaginal sex protected. I didn't ejaculated as I was very nervous of std.

finally she took of the condom and did the hand job in second round. When she took out condom I ask her to see the condom there was some fluid at the end of condom head she said it is your Precum from second round or left over in penis from first round. Not sure if condom was broke.

After 2 weeks from the incident I got throat infection 2 weeks I was on antibiotics, followed rashes 2-3 at back side of shoulder took 2 weeks to heal then I got UTI for 1 weeks then all symptoms I have noticed over 3 months.

Such as dry mouth, dry lips this two still persists, loss of aptetiete, 10 Kg weight loss I was 92kg now I am 82 kg.

Since last Last one month I have stomach pain / cramping. Leg, neck and muscle pain comes and goes very frequent.

I feel very tiered and no energy, cannot concentrate on anything. Hardly sleeping 3 hours every day last 2-3 weeks.

My street started actually mid march that is 4 weeks from the start exposure.

Below is what tests I conducted till date all are negative but still symptoms exists don't know what's happening.

4 weeks Elisa test - negative (hiv, hep b, hep c and syphiss)

6 week duo 4th gen - negative (hiv, hep b, hep c and syphiss)

8 weeks complete STD profile all negative

10 weeks just hiv - negative

12 weeks hiv rapid test - negative

13 weeks duo 4th gen - negative (hiv, hep b, hep c and syphiss)

Can some one some advise

1) what are my chances to turn my positive?

2) Are there any cases took 6 months to turn positive ? Do we know what were the medical conditions of the indidivual?

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I believe your symptoms are due to worry. Worry can give us a lot of symptoms that simply aren't there. If you're getting an all clear 3 months after having sex with someone it is DEFINITELY safe to say that you are unaffected.

Stress causes ALL SORTS; particularly lovely little viral infections that make you feel very unwell when you're alright. A lot of your symptoms SCREAM anxiety to me: weight loss in particular. I personally do not believe you have anything to worry about. But I think you should speak to your doctor about worry, stress and anxiety. These can cause you to become unwell needlessly.

And once you have one little infection you can get three or four. I, personally, got a chest infection, a throat infection and an ear infection all at the same time once. It wasn't fun. But I was okay. It was just stress.


Oh you poor thing. You are literately worrying yourself sick.

Your tests are negative. YOU are OK. Believe it. Get on with your life. In my opinion, you are feeling so guilty. Sex is natural. It is one of the joys of living. We are made with desires,it is our nature to fulfil them. I think maybe your culture sees unmarried sex as a sin. Many of us believe this but why would our Maker gift us and them complain when we use His gifts.

Don't spend the rest of your life feeling guilty. Can you get a steady partner, that you can have regular guilt free sexual intercourse. Good luck, stop worrying, try to change your attitude to sex and enjoy your life.