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3 months or 6 months ?

hi . i been is a high risk situation for catching hiv . several unprotected vaginal intercourse with someone i do not know his hiv status . I took ac anti hiv duo serum/plasma Eclia which is a fourth generation hiv test ( i found out on internet ) at week 4 , week 7 week 9 and week 10.5 negatives all . My doctors at my country told me no hiv test is reliable till 6 months , this depressed me but i have been reading that my test are considered conclusive by WHO at 6 weeks ...

immunodeficiency disorders is what i am worrying actually since it takes up to 6 months for people living with it to create antibodies. can i live with it and not know it ? i have a healthy life , loads of gym , physical activities , i got sick like once a year , once in two years . is there any chance to have an immunodeficiency dissease and live a life like normal people without getting sick or would i have health problems ? Please i need an aswer

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noone ?


Sorry, no experience.


thank you anyway


I am sorry that you are worried. Firstly seems to be a UK website and if you are in the UK despite some of the hype HIV/AIDS is not common. There are some 130000 cases living in the uK and of those some 45% are men who have sex with men and a smaller number from sub-Saharan Africa. As to your specific query you really need to discuss the specifics with a doctor.


Well 3simon thank you for your answer . If i ask y doctors in my country they will say no hiv test is reliable until 6 months . Well i am just 3 days away of my 12 weeks mark , ill get tested then i will try to remain calm till i reach 6 months


Hi Alice, I hope you have been for your test and results were negative, please be reassured that in vast majority of countries the window period is twelve weeks. It is the same tests, so please don't worry for another 3 months.

What country are you in? Do you have access to condoms easily? It just saves you all this anxiety if you have protected sex with new partners, until you can both go for STI screen together, and get contraception sorted out, but I realise this can be difficult in some cultures.

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Mirren thank you . I tested again yes , with an ac anti hiv duo , day 83 and it was a negative again . I tested for Std and Hepatites too and they were negative aswell .

Now i hope that this is enough and i live in Albania , my doctor did not even know the hiv test generation said it is a hiv test that is it ... which made me question his hiv knowlege . Anyway thanks God i have internet and i could ask in forums and get some infos.

I have access to condoms but idk why i did not used them this time it could be saving me loads of stress.

Thank you


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