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STI/D from Kissing (French)?


On a recent night out I was kissing (french) - 2/3 times for 5 seconds or so, a girl who later turned out to be a stripper. I am now paranoid that I could contract a STD/I through the interaction. I was partially intoxicated and did not realise I had my corner of my lips sore from possibly "Angular Cheilitis" from a quick google search. I had it a few times and didn't think anything of it, it goes away by itself after a few days. Since the skin is slightly "cracked" but isn't deep, I think I am fine but cannot help being paranoid!

I also have never had sex so didn't think a std check up was necessary!

Help and advise on this matter would be much appreciated!

Kind Regards

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Don't be *too* worried. You are unlikely to have got anything (more likely a cold...!). However, your paranoia(!) is not totally unfounded, as it *is* possible to get STIs orally (in the mouth!). That's not to say it's easy, or likely...

Of course no-one here can say you're 100% in the clear. You probably are OK, but as part of a generally good attitude toward your health have you ever considered going to a clinic for nothing more than a "check-up"...? Yes, they do them. For no reason, other than your peace of mind. *I would thoroughly recommend going for a checkup* because they're free... and they're lovely people (seriously...!!). And no, I'm not paid by them...(!!). Find your nearest clinic here:

And in your case, yes, they will do a mouth swab - tell them your concerns.

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well just be aware of yourself. If you start to feel weak/feverish and have night sweats you may have contracted an infection.


B12 deficiency??

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