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Hi in 26 yr old female I recently went to my ob for HIV and std testing. Everything came back negative but doctor say he did see a overgrowth of bacteria. Which is bv and also said that he would not give meds for something like this in a less serious case because I have no symptoms.. Is there anyone that can give me any suggestions on how to get rid of this..?

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Usually best not to mess with body's own balance unless absolutely necessary.

Best advice I know would relate to all the non medical stuff like wearing cotton underwear only, no thongs or tight jeans/leggings, good diet, don't use soap, bubble bath etc...only use water, don't use tampons for a while, and if you do use non applicator type. Could try natural live yoghurt insertions?

Pharmacy do sell bv gel which may help....but didn't in my case

If you are asymptomatic I wouldn't bother but do the above

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Natural Yogurt douching - revives the good bacteria down there


I truly appreciate everyone's advice. Thank you


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