Thrush that won't go away

I have thrush for the 1st time this year but I had it in October or November aswell this time I've used the capsule and the vigina tablet and the cream and none of it is working. No long got back with my ex been on and off for 5-6 year and I know I got it from sex just want it to go away as hate the itchy feeling what's the next move for me if nothing is working

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See ur GP or go to your sex health clinic hun xx


Thanks going to phone docs on Monday

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Need to check out whether it is definitely thrush first. Could be an allergy thing...remember no soaps, bubble baths, shower gel, thongs, ....other things that can be applicator tampons, condoms (some women are allergic), tight jeans/leggings....

If it is thrush, make sure he gets treated too....or you'll just pass it backwards and forwards!


I'm sorry to hear about this! I applied Greek yoghurt with a tampon applicator inside and it really really helped my symptoms. Also, it might be worth doing the Canesten test. You may have something called Bacterial Vaginiosis, which is also an infection caused through being sexually active. The Canesten test will indicate which infection you are suffering from, and will then give you treatment options.

Most women that think they have thrush but are not cleared through treatments often have BV. It's nothing to worry about, and it is extremely common. In the meantime, try to avoid strong soaps near your private parts. These include laundry detergents that you would use to wash your underwear and clothes. Sensitive gels work best. Also avoid douching, using feminine deodorants and nylon fabrics such as tights. Cotton underwear will be best. To relieve the itch, try and place a wet flannel on the area for temporary relief.

I hope this helps.

Charlotte, 3rd year medical student.


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