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Hello there everyong i am struggling really bad i had so call thrush for about 3 years now and i can not get rid of it the medication not touching it so i was just wondering that i should do next like :) and thw symptons i am getting itching burning smell some days not all the time :( please help

19 Replies
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Have you been tested for thrush?

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Yes i have

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And followed it up with your gp ? I had a bout of this last year which took months to clear.....

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Yesh i have they gave me the cream and everuthing but nothing helps xx

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cream is rubbish for established cases - I'll message you

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moo196, please could you write here any good recommendation you have. I am suffering from thrush for the past 9 months, it is just so uncomfortable! I started to take food supplement for good bacteria, also apple cider vinegar one spoon every day. Trying not to eat sugar, yeast and gluten free diet. I'd be grateful for any suggestions

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Hi I too have thrush and have been on cream for about 2 years. I have so many refills. It's not working and seems to be ruining my confidence...pls help me if you know how I can stop this. It seems to clear and then there it is again. Like starting from scratch every time.

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Have you seen a specialist? In my case what was being treated as recurrent "thrush" was in fact a skin condition called lichen sclerosis. Ask to be seen by a specialist 🙏

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Hello, how did you get to ask to be seen by a specialist? Was that when seeing your gp and after going through the recurring thrush 6 month meds? Was it via the NHS? I always struggle to find information online about thrush specialists . I lived abroad for a bit and now I'm back..I always used to go to the sexual health clinics here to get thrush diagnosis and sometimes they were very helpful but since COVID the local one closed and there's just one for a huge area in London which is very far from my home and impossible to get an appointment

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I went to a private menopause specialist and then a dermatologist.Thrush is not an sti in any event.

Good luck

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This is me

Sometimes Thrush is a 'secondary infection' in that it results when the immune system is lowered by primary infection. So could you have another infection that is going undiagnosed?

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I have no idea i dont think soo

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Write your problem in detail then we will tell you the treatment of your problem

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I've had thrush due to medication, which I was treated and now has caught thrush again in two different places

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Omg I have it now in so much pain it’s excruciating I can’t even wee without crying or wincing

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Hi there, I have been suffering with thrust from 10 months and not any test recognized the infection and I have applyed turmeric powder in the infected area and it worked. The infection and the swelling started reducing. I have not completely get rid of it yet but I am hoping it's going to get better.

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how's your thrush now? still using turmeric?

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Hi have you checked whether it's Bacterial vaginosis. The symptoms are similar. If you are still having problems, I'd get your GP to check

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