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is this more than chlamydia or?


i tested posted for chlaymida but i took the antibiotic on wednesday and im still having back pains, stomach cramps and pains and sore muscles legs. but ive always had sore legs but i dont know whether any thing i feel is related to the std. i got my period yesterday or ( i hope) its heavy and i bleed out and not under an hour,i have the clumps of blood i usually have but the color looks like when you wipe hot sauce off the table. i also still have burning when i urinate and when i dont my urge to always pee is slowly going away and i dont know if the discharge is gone because im on period. i havent had any blisters but i have bad anxiety and im scared ill have herpes or hiv or something permanent . i just need reassuring thats it not that while i wait to get tested. i dont care if its complications from chlaymdia i just dont want hiv or herpes cause i dont deserve it cause i was raped and caught chlaymdia when i went to the hospital later. im also havin chest pains and heavy ness on my chest/breast. this is making me depressed and ive just been praying and praying

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