Blood in semen

looking some advice, but I've had blood in my semen for almost 2 years. Presented to GP, and was referred to Urology. No semen analysis was carried out, but I had a prostate examination, followed by a flexible cystoscopy, then a rigid cystoscopy, then my kidneys were investigated including Dye test, Ultrasound and CT scan despite me not presenting any blood in my urine. I have now been discharged back to my GP.

The blood is always present in my semen and ranges from pink to dark brown/black in colour.

I'm a married man with same partner for the last 22 years, no other partners during this time. Now very conscious about this and really worried. I feel a constant but only slight dull pain in my right testicle, and above into my low abdomen.

Any advice will be very much welcome.

Thank you

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  • Just to say, I presented to my GP very early on (April/May 2015), with a few visits, then referred in January 2016 got to see the Urologist April 2016 when the Prostate exam took place, beginning of September 2016 I had a flexible cystoscopy, end of September had a rigid cystoscopy. Mid October had the dye test and the ultrasound. Mid-January had the CT scan. End of February 12017 I received the letter discharging me back to my GP.

  • it sounds like they checked for cancerous tumor but neglected the possibility of a chronic, sub acute infection.

  • you only need one ball..

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