Itchy, Smelly Vagina ??

I have no idea if this is normal at all but I get quite a bit of discharge or wetness everyday. My vagina area generally smells all the time quite strong fishy acidicy smell. My vulva ish area can get really itchy so much it can hurt and I'm just worried to be honest and scared. Am I just worrying or do I have something wrong with me? Plus I'm only 15..

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  • Hi try not to worry it sounds like you may have thrush, it's easily treatable but as your only 15 I would see your GP.

  • Thrush is a yeast and does NOT smell.

  • Hi, sounds like you have something called Bv (bacteria vaginosis). Don't worry it's treatable and is caused by things such as sex, using too much soap when washing down there plus bubble bath. It's not a std and is totally treatable. Either go to you gp or your local sexual health clinic and they'll be able to give you something to clear it straight away x

  • I suffered with thrush and bv quite a lot when I was younger. Go to the clinic to get tested and get treatment free. Over the counter medicine is expensive. Watch what you eat drink and don't wash down there to much. Water and a hand is all you need.

  • Bacterial Vaginosis explains a fishy odour. If you've recently had unprotected sex there could be other STI's there too. The health of the Microbiome in your colon can really affect the PH and hence smell of your v jay jay too.

  • Have you seen dr ? I know you can and discuss anything and he can't repeat it as it's illegal go to Drs and have a swab . If it's white and thick itchy thrush caused by tight jeans and strong bubbles in bath or overactive yeast gland . Can buy canesten double action from chemist .

  • Sounds like thrush. Get to the doctor my dear and get it checked out ASAP.

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