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Chlamydia confusion


I was recently diagnosed with chlamydia following a routine check up at my local clinic after sex with a new partner became a more serious relationship. I last had sex with another person about 10 days prior to my first time with her and haven't been with anybody else since. She was tested about 7 weeks after our first encounter and was negative, however my test came back positive a couple of weeks later. Knowing that I haven't had any sexual contact with anybody but her, is it possible that I could have had the infection from before and she didn't get it from me even sleeping together regularly for almost 2 'months? Or is it a possibility that it could take longer to show up on a test than 3 week guidelines?

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I don't understand how that makes any sense. You were both tested but only you were positive? Sounds like you got it from her and she's either lying or got treated just after you got together so it would look like the Carrier was you.

of course it makes sense - he's asking it there is a chance at the time the test only picked up that he was infected. similar. like a window period or like herpes where one person will get symptoms and another person never to get symptoms

it would be down to a previous test not working, who knows. and i hate to say it but the only other thing is that she tested positive and told you otherwise

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