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chlamydia ambiguity

my ex gf tested positive for chlamydia...... she claims she never slept w/ anyone but me......... I slept w/ people unprotected when we split up and I slept w/ her unprotected after that - stupidly. I got tested twice............. I was negative twice........ is there a chance I had it and my body fought it off? Plus, since it wasn't picked up in my urine, can I still have it in my eyes or that? Also, what is the accuracy of the testing, is there a chance I still have it? Could it be masked?

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Clinics will always recommend getting treated as a contact of an infection just to make sure. Gonorreoah has a 2 week incubation period so have you tested after 2 weeks from having sex with her? If you have then you won't have the infection as the tests are very accurate.

Lastly, you would know if it was in your eyes as it causes symptoms in that site.


Hi there. I think the important thing is the timing. Normally recommended to test 10-14 days after you have had sex, just make sure you weren't tested too early or the chlamydia might be missed. Have you been to a sexual health clinic? explain the situation and they may want to treat you anyway, see what they say. Yes you can get chlamydia in the eye , but normally you would be positive in the urine as well. have you had any eye symptoms? ie sore/red/itchy? If so, get checked out.


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