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Finished first pack of combined pill, no withdrawal bleed


I started the Microgynon 30 pill last month on the first day of my cycle (1st day of period), and i finished the packet 3 days ago and I've still not hand my 7-day-break withdrawal bleed. Is this normal for people who've just started the pill?

On the same day I started the pill, I had to take the morning after pill because I had unprotected sex the day before. I've taken my pills at exactly the same time everyday for the whole 21 days. Should I worried about pregnancy? How long does it usually take to start bleeding during the 7 day break?

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Hi, has it happened yet? for a lot of people it starts day 3/4 in the pill free week.


Hi, it came this afternoon, day 5. I was starting to panic that I needed to do a test.


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