Delaying contraception?

My girlfriend and I had to get the morning after pill this weekend, and this morning she has attended a GP appointment in hope of finding a contraceptive that suits her.

She has just returned and told me that the doctor was pretty judgemental and has told her to return in 3 weeks after she has performed a pregnancy test and he will talk to her about options then.

Does this seem wrong to you? Is there any reason that she shouldn't be placed on a form of contraception immediately?

It has left us quite confused! Thanks,

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  • I'm no GP but I guess the doctor wants to check your girl friend's status, ie Is she pregnant? If she is pregnant, there may be a protocol to give you a time of careful reflection: a baby is under way. Do you want to keep it? If a pregnancy test after 3 weeks shows a no pregnancy result ( ie : either there was no pregnancy in the first place or the abortificiant pill has indeed done its job) then contraception can be discussed.

  • Hi, there are some types of contraception you can start straight away even if worried about pregnancy risk, which is what they gp was probably worried about. Go to your local gum or contraception clinic for further advice.

  • Thank you.