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hey i'm new here but i'm only 15 and i don't know if i have thrush or not

I am a virgin so i know this cant be an sti or something like herpes but i just got off my period and the site said that its normal to have brown discharge but i've been getting itches and it stings when i pee does anyone know what this is or how to fix it WITHOUT my parents knowing or going to the doctors

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Oh this is probably a UTI. The doctors will not tell your parents anything about your appointments, it's a legal requirement that whatever you say is confidential. They will not look at you. If you have a UTI you need to go to the doctors because you might need antibiotics.

A UTI is something ANYONE can get. Why would you not want your parents to know? Aside from being potentially embarrassed - and trust me, there's nothing to be embarrassed about :)


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