Do I have thrush or something else

hi everyone,

I'm 17 years old I think I have thrush but I'm not to sure. My vagina is very sore at the moment. I have a lot of discharge its white Luke u get with thrush but it has a bad smell. It hurts a lot to pee. I'm very itchy and sore. I have splits on my vagina like cuts which are causing a lot of pain. I am very uncomfortable when walking or sitting coz I'm very sore. Should I go to the doctors or to a sexual health clinic. I'm not sure if it is thrush or an STI I am having sex with my bf but I'm not sure what to think. Its really worrying me. Can anyone help

many thanks


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  • It could be herpes if you have sores. What are they like? Or you could of caused them by scratching too much. Go to the clinic! They'll be able to tell you straight away x

  • have a few sore spots on my vagina. Well I think there spots. My discharge is getting worse and I am so uncomfortable. I can't pee without being is so much pain what should I do

  • Get a doctors appointment straight away! You can phone NHS24 and tell them your symptoms, if they think it's herpes they'll make u a hospital appointment ASAP, tell them how much pain you're in. If they think it's thrush(you could've scratched yourself due to itching) they'll send u to a chemist or make a GP appointment. Try not to worry x

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