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HIV ??!!!!


Around 14 weeks ago I had oral and vaginal sex with an escort in UK. I went to my GUM clinic on the 12th day for a sexual health screening. I tested negative for bacterial infections (clamidya and gonnoreha). I saw a few spots developing on my right arm then.

A few days later the spots spread. I went to my GP she said it was folliculitis. Before going to the doctor I researched a lot about spots coming about after sex and saw a lot about HIV rash. I was very paranoid. I HAVE NEVER HAD FOLLICULITIS BEFORE THIS. She told me "I wouldn't worry". The folliculitis took near 9 weeks to somewhat die down (but not completely go). Now nearly at week 14 pot exposure it's coming back/ come back. It has recurred a few times since exposure. I have read that persistence staphylococci or pityrosporum folliculitis is indicative of infection.

I am very paranoid because of the timing of the folliculitis. Surely co-incidence can't be that true. I am 19 years old and I feel that I might have ruined the rest of my life. Not to mention all the other symptoms I have since had; fever, stomach abnormalities (when I push my stomach in and out it makes a sloshing sound).

I have for HIV tested negative at 30 days , on the 56th day and on the 84th day (83 days post exposure). The clinic said its a 4th gen test / duo, but conflicting info from the Internet, clinic and sexual health charities has fuelled even more anxiety. The health worker said my most recent on the 84th day test was conclusive but my folliculitis is still worrying me.

Is folliculitis related to HIV infection, and especially repeated folliculitis ? Are my tests conclusive ?

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HIV tests, especially 4th generation, are incredibly accurate. That's measured in a couple of ways, as sensitivity and specificity. That means there's a thousand to one chance of having a false positive or negative. The fact that you've tested negative over and over and over again makes it impossible that you are actually positive.

From what you've written, it seems from here that you're beating yourself up your encounter with the prostitute. That kind of stress seems like a big contributor to your multiple clinic visits, anxiety, and probably the rash.

My suggestion is to forgive yourself, treat your symptoms, and give Dr. Google a few weeks off.

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