weird coating inside my vagina, accompanied by a strong odor

Sp for a while now i've had this weird collection of what seems like thick discharge on my vagina, its not visible, its only after peeing i can see it on the toilet paper, and its a very light brown/beige colour. its looks like when you wash and rub you body to get rid of the grime & collections of dead skin collect, but a different colour & inside my vagina. I think it could be smegma, but i know what smegma looks like & its not on my vagina, its rubs off. i also have a strong odor coming from my vagina. Im not sure whats wrong but id like to fix it, thanks for reading, any help is very much appreciated.

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Leave a clove of peeled garlic in there as a suppository overnight. It will kill any bacteria or virus. If it gets better than repeat for a few nights. It won't get lost it will just pop out when you pee



Smegma is a male thing not female. You really need to see a Genito Urinary clinic who will investigate. Or your GP. Treat the advice to stick a clove of garlic up yourself with caution. There are only two things that should go in a vagina and one is a tampon!


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