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New & need advice

Hi there, I need some advice ! so I've got two questions, 1. I will be having surgery soon and was wondering if anyone knows if i have to stop taking the contraceptive pill before hand ? As i am on the progesterone only pill, not the combined pill. And 2. My periods are really irregular and last from 3 days to even a month, should I be worried ? I have been to the doctor before about it and they've said i shouldn't worry but its getting a bit annoying now. Thank you x

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In reply to the surgery thing I had my tonsils out about 2 years ago now and I didn't stop taking my pill before hand. Not sure about the irregular periods though, maybe try and see a different doctor or nurse and see if that gives you any joy


Hi I have surgery previously I have never stopped taking my pill. If they require you to they will advise you.


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