Herpes nerve pain?

Hi. I had my first break out in years last week. I was diagnosed 10 years ago. Luckily I don't have many break outs. But this one has been horrific. It started off with back pain so bad I was bed bound. Then I found a blister. So I rung gp and tried to get an appointment. Because I didn't feel comfortable talking to the receptionist. I only said about the back pain. Long story short, doctor refused to speak to me. Said I need to self refer to physio. I thought I could manage the pain at home. But now the back pain has gone and I have the most horrific sickening pain in my right leg. It's like the skins been stripped off amd someone has poured vinegar in the wounds. I can't wear clothes. I can't touch my leg or be touched. It even hurts to rest my leg on the sofa. I can't sleep. It's been 3 days but feels like 3 yrs. I've been taking paracetamol and ibroprufen, but it wasn't working so have taken paracetamol and codeine from boots. It's not working. I feel like screaming. It's from my toe to my bum cheek. Sorry for the long essay but I was wondering if anyone knows if I can go to out of hours and get something stronger? Is there anything that will ease the pain?

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Doesn't sound like herpe! Sound like ur nerves r trapped in ur legs..

That's what I AV, I AV a slip disc in my spine an it's pressing on my nerves.... Get it checked


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