Herpes@ :'(

I think i have herpes. I have had them checked out. Im only 17. Sex is a big part in my life and i know it no longer can be. Iv never caught anything in my life.. im in pain i cant sleeep and i cant eat. Iv got anti viral pills and a gel which seems to numb it abit. But it dosent numb my thoughts even though i havent had the results i have basically diagnosed myself already so i know what to expect. I feel like this is the end of the world and honestly the only thing i wanna be is dead right now. Im in pain i cant stop crying. This will ruin my life forever. Iv been told i did not catch this (if it is it) from the last person i slept with so to make things worse i have to tell the lad and explain this disease has been dormant in my body and i totally understand if he wants to leave me and never talk to me again... anyone got any advice

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  • I live with herpes too (getting it in the form of cold sores) its the same virus that can cause genital herpes. I manage to lead a normal life and sex life. As long as you take the pills you were given and use protection like condoms you will be able to do the same. Yes it lays dormant in the body but that doesn't necessarily mean that it will come back

  • I hope so thanks for your help

  • Please, **please** read the related reply to @Tulip2016... healthunlocked.com/bashh/po...

    It sounds like you are feeling very much the same way as everyone else... and there is simply no need to...

  • There is no way of knowing who you have caught it from... Could be the last person or could be someone else. I knew I caught it from the last person as I was sore and tender as soon as 12 hours after. I caught it from a cold sore on his face.

    Have a look at the sphere web site... They are a charity and their info is spot on... Some of the other stuff on the internet is rubbish.

    You can stay on the medication long term if you need to... On a lower dose. I have been on it almost 2 years now. You can't pass it on as the virus will not be active whilst you are on the meds.

    I told the guy I caught it off, he was mortified he had done that too me and we are still close.

    I know it's awful. I felt everything you feel and I am still a long way off being fine with it but it does get easier.

  • It isn't the end to your sex life sweetheart. I had the time of my sexual life AFTER I caught it!!! As long as you don't have sex when you have an outbreak, it isn't catching.

    When I met my husband, I told him but not until a few weeks into our relationship when we'd already had sex. I think after a few years he did actually catch it, and that is after YEARS of unprotected sex.

    I promise it gets better. I remember how ill I was my first time. You feel horrendous. Promise it gets better.

    I've been particularly unlucky - I used to get it nearly EVERY MONTH!!! For over 10 years - that must be practically unheard of : )

    I've had a hysterectomy now, and strangely I don't seem to get it as much? I think it was somehow tied to my periods. I also take aloe vera shots every day, have reflexology and bioresonance, and try to get lots of sleep. I have found that the second I don't have enough sleep or I get very stressed out, I get a break out.

    I'm only 37 by the way, and I promise you its not the end of anything.

  • im in the same situation as you. i was originally misdiagnosed which then lead for the herpes to spread unit i was hospitalised because of the pain i was in. i know how you feel, I'm only 19 and I'm in chronic pain, i can't work or move and have to get my mother to take me to the toilet. what helped me cope was watching videos of other people who have suffered with it for years and see how they've coped with it, feels a lot more normal that way. it will get better and its not the end of your sex life, its a more common thing than you think.

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