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Ok so me and my partner have just finished treatment for chlamydia and today she gave me oral as the nhs website said we only had to wait untill we had both finished treatment before having sex so we thought it was ok but when she spat out my semen she told me that it was a kinda washed out yellow color but as she has a cold we thought it might be a mix of flem and semen but we are not sure and dont know what to do as she wants to have sex tomorrow (with a condom) and I would feel really bad if I'd just given it back to her. Any advice will be really appreciated.

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  • The rule with treatment is you need to wait 7 days after treatment before the infection is cleared. That would be 7 days after the 2 or 4 tablet treatment called Azithromycin or after you have taken the 7 day course of doxycycline.

  • So what should we do? Do we need to start treament again?

  • You need to get proper - medical - advice. Phone up the STI clinic perhaps? And if you cannot wait as you suggest use a condom

  • Ok. Thanks for all your advice guys and galls. I'll get on that. You have all been very helpful.

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