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Coincidence? lump on my lip

I gave an unprotected blowjob to a boy, we are both virgins first sexual experiences. a few hours later a lump appeared on my lip, Was it the bbq chips i ate or the blowjob :/ I don't really want to go to a doctor because I don't want my parent's finding out :'(

It could also be from the kissing ? it's been about a week and it seems to still be there, my lips are also really dry ? It's not like a coldsore and it's on the inside of my bottom lip.

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it could be an infection my love.Try olive leaf extract and oregano oil.The cold sore will disappear.


It could be a cold sore, or it could be something related to the encounter e.g. allergic reaction, etc.  It would be strange however for infection symptoms to show up within an hour or so.  However any time you have unprotected sex of any kind, you risk being infected with STDs. If you're as worried about it as you sound, then perhaps you should visit a clinic and have a screening done.


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