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Urethral Discharge of some sort?

For some time (2 months?) I have been experiencing a white discharge from my penis. I really should have sorted it out earlier, I know, but it would be very difficult for me to do as a fairly young teenager. Anyway, prior to ejaculation (at around the time when pre-cum, for lack of a better word should be found, I have instead seen an unpleasant smelling, thick white... Thing. This alone was enough to have me super worried, but today, I found that the stuff was quite orange. I'm just hoping it didn't have blood or something in it. I also at times experience a clear discharge from my penis which seems to just appear unbidden. The other issue has just kept getting worse. I am a virgin, have never done anything potentially harmful such as inserting objects in there or anything like that. Will this get worse? Do I need to day a GP urgently?

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Best to see your GP urgently or GUM clinic....


Despite the other posters use of "urgent" it is highly, highly unlikely to be a sexually transmitted disease as you have not had sex with anyone else. You identify - and rule out correctly - anything caused by inserting something.

You identify that you should see a GP. That is correct. Another possibility is to take advice from any school medical service. They are confidential at your age and will not tell your parents [though there is no reason why you should not discuss it with your parents; depends on your relationship/their attitudes].

Your local hospital will also have a Genito Urinary Medicine [GUM] clinic and usually they have walk-in sessions. If you choose the school nurse route s/he could make sure you could have time off in school time to attend.

Best wishes; let us know


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