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Excessive Masturbation Over Long Period



Is it possible to become heavily fatigued, drained, worn down, like your body feels twice as heavy from constantly masturbating from once or twice a day for years? I read someone gave up masturbation for eight weeks total and went cold turkey. Their fatigue and other symptoms I am currently suffering from vanished.

I'm hoping to do the same thing for the same results.

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i need help with ed and youing pump

To be honest this is a very old-fashioned opinion. In the old days masturbation was thought of as sinful and abhorrent leading to all sorts of horrors. Blindness, mental weakness, hairy palms on your hands and so on!

These days there is really nothing such as "excessive masturbation". It is - if you like - a preparation for sex with a partner and the amount is what you feel like.

Very few men and women do NOT masturbate.

As - I think - Woody Allan said "it's sex with someone you love!"


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