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So me and my boyfriend had our first sexual encounter the other night. He swallowed my cum and I also ejaculated near his anus but I dont believe in it. After 24 hours he came down with a flu and developed a small heat rash on his hip. Im scared that I had HIV and dint know about it and I've given it him. Ive only ever had unprotected sex once with a virgin who now has a child. Ive been tested but im waiting for result back, any advice to stop me worrying?

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The only advice is... stop worrying. Your actions are wise - you are doing the right thing.

Be patient. Stop worrying. Based on your description you are *unlikely* to be infected anyway. You - or he - are *far* more likely... to have a cold, or flu...

Another reassurance... 24 hours is a fearsome gestation period for an (any) infection. So the flu is - most likely - flu. However, although he mustn't panic, the rash should be watched carefully - **just in case** it's meningitis(!)... which he *must* go to the doctor about... (

The most probable explanation remains a cold or flu. Other explanations are possible, but far less likely, and not worth losing sleep over - but worth bearing in mind.

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