I dont know

Ok so I got these weird tiny lumps on the shaft of my penis and I don't know if they are genital warts or not. There is quite a few of them and they haven't caused me any annoyances (no inflammation, etc). I'm just wondering if they are what I think they are because the images I have seen look way worse than what I have. I'm a bit scared. What do I do?

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  • Also I have never had sex

  • If you have never had sex I would doubt it would be warts or herpes or anything like that. Lumps around the penis are normal most men do have them if they are small, most people do not know this. If it starts to hurt or cause you more bother just go to your local sexual health clinic. Hope this helps, I would not worry about it. :-)

  • Ok, thanks 😊

  • These sound like pearly penile papules...

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