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May hav std

I recently had sex with a girl and she got a bad infection that itched badly. She went to doc and got anti biotic a. It cleared up. We had sex again and she got sick the next day after giving me oral sex. She went to doc and they said she had strep throat and she was fatigued. She was sick for 3 days. She cleared up. I have no symptoms of anything but I'm scared I may have std.For about a week I did itch between my legs beside my dick. It went away. I have been with another girl for about a month now. And the last two days she has gotten cold and hot flashes. Sick to her stomach and a bad headache. She said she had never had a headache that bad. After about 5 hrs she is ok now. But I'm so scared that I may have something and don't no it and that's what had made those two women sick. One of them even asked me to get checked bc she new I had been with other women and she thought that was why she got sick. I'm going to go get checked to clear my mind and make sure that things are ok. But I'm just want to no what u think. Could this be just a Radom thing or may I be the problem.

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