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Genital Warts and Chlamydia

Hi I think I know the answer but need to put my mind at rest. I have been being treated for genital warts recently and I had a positive result for chlamydia. I haven't been unfaithful in my relationship and my partner "assures" me he hasn't. Is there any possibly that the chlamydia is a result of the warts or I could have had a false positive result for the chlamydia?

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They are two different things. I've had chlamydia before and me nor my partner had any signs of it. It's called the "Silent" disease. You or your partner have probably slept with someone who didn't know they had it.


Hi. As previous reply suggested chlamydia (a bacterial sexually transmitted disease (STD)) and genital warts ( a viral STD) are two separate things. They can happen together but that is because you can unfortunately pick up more than one STD.

You can get false positive chlamydia results although this rarely happens. The most likely thing is that both the warts and the chlamydia were picked up from previous relationships without anyone realizing as you don't always get symptoms with either of them . Condoms would have helped protect you against them.

Make sure you and your partner attend a sexual health clinic and you both have chlamydia treatment. It is worth both of you contacting any previous partners in the last 3 months if you feel able too. Otherwise you can ask the sexual health clinic to do it for you.

I hope that is of some help.


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