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Unprotected Post coital sick feeling

I've had unprotected sex yesterday, and today I feel sick, warm, tired, & nauseous. I am on the pill so I should be fine in terms of pregnancy.

My partner has complained about pain, feeling sick, and a change in his semen color which has only occurred today. He was tested a few weeks ago and was clean; I was tested months ago, was clean, and have been engaging in intercourse with him only. (But he, on the other hand, has been engaging in unprotected coitus with others).

He now believes he's contracted something from me (but as I said he is the only partner I have).

What could it be?

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Firstly I would advise having another check up as he has had other partners. The tests for chlamydia and gonorrhoea are very sensitive so unless you had had sex in the previous two weeks before testing I doubt you could have given him anything. You may not have an STI as you may have shared a meal and alcohol that's made you feel unwell. Have another test and use condoms to ensure you don't get anything going forward if either of you are going to have other partners


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