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Am I hiv positive, or is it anxiety?

Hi, just a month ago, I was masturbating. I was also curious about how it feels to use a vibrator. So I pull the one that my mom had in her drawer and used it. I didn't insert it or anything and it was there for less than 2 minutes because I didn't like the way it felt. Anyways, while using it, I had a paper towel, folded into fours placed over my vagina. Also, it seemed like it has been unused for very long time. Am I prone to get HIV from that? I heard virus doesn't survive very well when it's outside the body. Plus, my mom isn't infected for anything. I also got a blood test, not an annual blood test, and it said that I'm clear. I started coughing, but not often. So is this hiv or is it just anxiety?

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There is no risk of HIV from anything you have mentioned. I would be concerned you have some health anxiety (excessive worrying about infections / diseases). If you are always worring about these types of things I think you should see your GP.


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