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I'm having trouble finishing during sex with my girlfriend, it feels really good but it just doesn't quite get there!

I can keep going for 45 minutes or longer and it feels very good, but for whatever reason I can't finish. My girlfriend is really pleasured but seems a bit frustrated which I appreciate and blames herself for it. I have no problem getting hard though! Any help would be great! It's happened previously with some other partners but never for such a long period as it is now.

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Try more foreplay on her and vice versa and leave the sex till the absolute very end.

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hi rossyb92,

maybe you are thinking about the previous experiences before and this is what is causing the issues, maybe if you were to relax more and get that little niggle out of your head, as it is in the back of your mind all the time and need to rid of it, maybe have a bit of fun first, relax completely maybe the ending will be more positive and those doubts will go away, its a new experience than before so relax and enjoy. good luck


try relaxing first nice bath together then massage do something different with your partner,


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