I've been on the pill since October last year, me and my bf want to have sex. we are both virgins!

He is slightly too wide to fit into condoms because we have tried before and its uncomfortable for him to wear one (and no he isn't just saying that to get into my pants). We are both definitely virgins and have only done sexual things with one another only, i have not had a sexual past and neither has he. We want to have sex and I am on the pill and have been for quite a while now, over 6 months; is it still safe to have sex without a condom? I have given oral sex to him before and there was nothing and I trust him immensely.


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The pill isn't 100% reliable as contraception, nothing is. There are larger sizes of condoms if you want to be extra safe. But the pill would be working by now.

The pill does not stop you catching STIs


If you are on pills then you can go for the hunt. There are Extra Large size condoms available that can be easily used by your boyfriend. If he still doen't fits into it, you ain't putting it properly because nobody is that wide that he won't fit into condoms.

If still your boyfriend can't put on a condom, you can use female condoms as well.


As below, there are condoms for all shapes and sizes. I would advise you both to go to a GUM Clinic (Sexual Health Clinic) to both get checked together, to make you both feel comfortable and sure that you are both STI-free. Remember to only go ahead if you both feel ready, don't rush things! Now no form of contraception is 100% and I advise to always wear a condom as well as using another form of contraception. The pill won't stop you from catching an STI, but lowers your chances of conceiving (very low chance of becoming pregnant). There are a lot of leaflets in clinics and the NHS website is very useful and might give you some reassurance, as you are under 25, condoms and all other contraception is free.


If you're on the pill darling and have been for months, you'll be safe - enjoy !


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