Had all negative sti tests and I still can shake worry that I have something due to a groin pain

I am a male I had full blood tests and at 4 months all negative and a chlamydia and gonorreaha at one year after exposure. The exposure was unprotected oral from a worker and protected sex . But a day or two after I had a groin pain like hot or pressure feeling ever since this was 2 years ago now . I now have had blood tests and urine tests and all negative for general. I have had a hernia repair 4 years ago in that area but doc can't find any issues. My questions are 1. Is a full sti screen aceptable enough to say I am free from an sti.

2. Are tests really that good to trust.

3. I have no other symptoms should I be relating this to my hernia?

4. What real sti would I get from this type of exposure


I'd appreciate a reponse as this is eating me up from the inside and I have been having anxiety about this for 2 years now


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