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I'm a 56 year old Man my wife is 51, I've been married and faithful to my Wife for more than 30 years and never had never had any Genital

warts, my Wife stayed over in Edinburgh for a girlie weekend and a couple of months later a wart appeared on my Penis ! after many questions we finally went to the local clinic and the Doctor confirmed it was a Genital wart, my wife is absolutely adamant that she hasn't been with anyone else in 30 years and after many rows she still insists she's innocent ! Where can this wart have come from as I believe her !

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Hi I came across your story and thought I would relate it slightly . Same situation as me accept I was 21 when this happened and my doc told

Me that your immune system can supress this virus and may not show its self until you are older 50s. As I had a operation for mine I was told that it could come back when I am older . Hope this helps

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Hi Anonamo Thank you for the reply, I think your right, what I didn't mention was I'm now on Humira for Ankolosing spondinitis which suppresses the immune system I think this may have something to do with it !! Thanks again


Hi! I am in the same situation (almost!!)

I'll give you a frank and detailed time-wise account of the series of events over a very long time.

My wife has enjoyed many experiences with other men with my knowledge and in my presence for the past 20 or so years.

She has enjoyed performing oral sex for dozens of men.

She has had full sex with not quite so many .. but always used condoms apart from 3 men in the past 18 months who aroused her excessively and whom she had known for a considerable time she found it necessary to have them bareback.

My wife is sexually healthy - no warts - nothing, I'm glad to say.

However, in June of 2013, I contracted flu and it made me very ill for four or five months (I am on numerous tablets and believe these must affect my immune system).

In December 2013 I discovered warts on the base of my penis and my doctor said she thought they were genital warts.

Apart from two young women who performed oral sex on me around 10 or so years ago, I have not had sex with anybody except my wife. My wife is jealous!

So, there maybe many explanations. For me, I believe this virus for genital warts has been resident in me for many years.

Some history: I grew up in the 60s and sleeping with girls was as simple as saying it. My work in the catering trade, meant I was in contact with an awful lot of young women. I slept with a female regularly.

I had sex with waitresses, chambermaids, hotel owners' wives, guests wives, daughters, sisters etc. Most were taking a last (working) holiday before starting full time work as teachers, solicitors, nurses, doctors ....

My next door neighbour "seduced" me while I was still at school (happy days) and sexual fun was a strong part of life for 10 years. I had no problems nor did anyone I had slept with, including my fiancee who slept with many men and performed oral sex on everybody.

The good times came to an end in the 80s when HIV arrived in the UK. I was married and monogamous anyway. Condoms were an absolute must. I still had no sexual health problems.

I had an affair with my doctor for some years and she was healthy.

Many years later, I had a sexual relationship with a very senior member of the legal profession. I met my now wife and that stopped.

Also and importantly: My wife in the 1980s after living through hell with inflammation and the most dreadful 'open' soreness/sores of her genitals for almost two years, was diagnosed with herpes. After thinking on this awhile, I went to the VD clinic (as they were then) and was checked for everything. I was clear - no problems what ever.

I took my then wife to a new and highly rated GU clinic after watching a programme about it on TV. The Consultant there, a gem of a man, said it wasn't herpes and gave her a course of creams and medicines - a carrier bag full. Seven months later and a couple of revisits, she was cleared - and so ended more than two years of pain, misery and worry for her.

So much for our local 'specialists' and consultants.

Did she have sex with other men while married to me - I don't think so. I divorced her many years later for non-physical reasons. I still don't believe she was having someone else, if she was, she really was most unlucky indeed but it didn't affect me. Hence, I don't think she did.

So, back to me. The doctor says it looks like I have genital warts. As was said, most people have the HPV that can cause warts to surface so we could carry on having sex. She said she was sure no jump from genital to oral took place so it was fine for my wife to continue to give me oral sex. We did, until recently and my wife is clear.

I shave my genitals and when I 'nicked' a couple of warts, they bled. Within a short time more warts appeared in the 'blood area' - they can be spread like this apparently.

My wife still wants to have sex with me and is unperturbed by my problem; but I won't now until I have the warts treated.

Of particular annoyance to her is that I won't even let her perform oral sex until I'm cleared. She feels these 'warts' don't look like genital warts. For their health, she is not having vaginal sex with other men until I have been sorted out.

So, in conclusion, I wrote all this to say it doesn't really matter who's to blame, IF, anybody is to blame.

It could have just been laying dormant for donkeys’ years.

Stuff happens and ruining a good relationship isn't sensible, when this sort of 'symptom' arises without a necessarily direct link. I think my being run down allowed mine to surface so to speak.

Sincerely, the best of luck.

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