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Genital frenectomy? frenulum tore, healed but scarred :(

Hey, pretty much my frenulum tore during intercourse then after about 2 week's it healed of it's own accord. Unforunatly it wasn't a full tear so now it's healed & has now scarred so it's lost alot of it's elasticity. Making it too tight only when erect which in turn is preventing me from having intercourse.

After looking online I understand what's happened, etc (frenulum breve) but am very unsure on how to proceed now. I rang a NHS helpline (111) an was told pretty much it'd sort itself out... they were more concerned wether it was bleeding, discharging, etc.

I definatly need a full frenectomy (removal of the frenulum) under local or general anesthesia but don't know who too ring or visit.

Any guidance? aka someone who's experienced the same thing and had a frenectomy done to them?

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I'm surprised no one medical has replied.... but....

I would seek help from your GP and get an appointment with a GUM clinic (genitourinary medicine) from the sexual health services (or wherever the GP recommends).

I believe a simple outpatient operation could cut the frenulum and if allowed to heal properly, prevent scar tissue will correct the issue.

Leaving it as it is will lead to a bent penis and painful intercourse.


Head to your GP and they can refer you to a specialist urology doctor. The procedure itself is rally simple, done under local anesthetic.


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