Please help. long term problem

About three years ago I had a sexual contact. I got a mild fever for two nights then a feeling of having grit behind my eyes. A long time later I got red marks on the end of my penis and some painful blisters. The skin on my hands and feet became dry and flakey too. I then got a swollen throat, it felt like glandular fever. My hands continue to lose skin and I have outbreaks of blisters, sometimes on my legs. I am convinced I have some kind of STI but all tests have proved negative. I spend a lot of time in Spain and the tests have been here but I am prepared o go anywhere for solution. The doctor here says it must be a fungal infection but the night sweats were bad and I feel too severe for a fungal infection. Thank you

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well if u say u have been tested for std's and u do not have any then this has been ruled out. toxoplasmosis rings high here due to your sx's. I would pay a visit to specialist md such as infectious disease doctor. fungal infections can be severe especially if out of control.

u seem to identify the onset of sx's after your sexual contact, but failed to delineate what u did and why this sticks out in your mind? it is possible the sexual activity had nothing to do with what is happening and may have been just a coincidence.


Thank you very much for your reply, very helpful and reassuring. The sexual contact was during a massage and sticks out because it is the only sexual contact I had, apart from regular sex with my wife. We have not had any other partners so I guess the guilt weighed heavily. I got a spot on the base of my penis some time afterwards and the two nights mild fever so I thought it must have been the sexual contact. I did not know fungal infections could be bad so I will see a doctor here and hope that some help is available. I have never had a discharge or pain whilst urinating but do get urine infections sometimes. Thank you again for your help.


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