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Rash on Scrotum and Penis What could it be? Parner also has something


I have had a rash on my scrotum then quite a severe one on the head on my penis, is has now gone on the penis but still on the scrotum. It is itchy now and again but nothing to bad. A sexual partner of mine also said she is having problems. This is about 1 month, after sex, we had sex protected but our parts did come into contact?

What could it be?

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Hi, this could be something simple like a fungal infection which may not be sexually transmitted and nothing to do with the sex you had one month ago. On the other hand it could be a sexually transmitted infection and the best thing to do would be to go to an STI clinic and get yourself checked. You are doing the right thing using condoms and they do help protect against STIs but would still be good to go to a clinic. Encourage your previous partner to do the same.

Hope this helps


I think the same, I will. Many Thanks David


I agree with kerryblue. go get checked out at free health clinic in your town.


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