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Can I give blood when I have herpes?

hey, I'm about to turn 18 and am exited to do the things that come with being 18 (drinking, clubbing) but i have always wanted to give blood!

I found out my ex boyfriend gave me herpes in November and now have a new wonderful boyfriend who knows that I have it and we have decided not to have sex but to wait untill we are married

i know the virus is always in my system but does that mean its in my blood too?!

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Yes,u can give.But this virus will hide in your neuro if u r low resistance virus will show again.


Dear jasper7,

Herpes is not a contraindication to blood donation. We all have many human herpes viruses in our body (for example chicken pox virus, glandular fever virus).

Some sensible advice can be found here:

Kind regards.


thanks you the website was amazing and answerd so many questions :)

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Herpes lives in your nervous system, not your blood. It is detectable via a blood test because your immune system has developed antibodies. You can give blood if you have HSV.


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