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Trying for a baby

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Hello looking for some advice I've had lletz treatment 3 weeks ago now due to abnormal cells on my smears the last 3 year's.

I spoke with my consultant regarding trying for s baby and he advised to stay on my pill as I was due to come off 2 days after the op so I carried on taking the 2nd packet and he said when this packet ends and I've had my normal period I can start trying.


Will I get a normal period

Were due on holiday in September and want to start trying then

I've got ovulation tests will they help

Thanks in advance


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Yes, hopefully, you will. It's technically a chemical period though and not the actual one that happens after natural ovulation... you don't ovulate when on pills. Once you have the AF then you can start TTC and the OPK will help point a fertility window. As in most fertile days of the month to be able to time DTD accordingly. You can definitely, wait till you get the holidays but if you ask me I'll advise you to keep on with TTC as soon as your AF appears after the ongoing packet. Since you had complications the conceiving might take a little time, also the pill reversal too might delay the process so best do not wait it out. Wish you all the best for success with TTC.!

Hi there, what's the update on your TTC? I hope you did get the AF and everything went as smooth as the doctor said. As far as I know, ovulation tests will work just fine even with hormonal pill effect fading off. It's the LH and FSH these tests monitor unlike the hormone in pills progesterone and estrogen derivatives. Also, I visited a recent free consultation by Biotexcom, held in London where the attending ladies were given a session of presentations and explaining that kind of cleared up a couple of basic concepts about TTC. One of them was about ovulation. It's best to keep BBT or CM evaluation along with OPKs when doing ovulation tracking as a cross-check measure; as sometimes the hormone may spike up owing to other underlying reasons but the BBT will indicate that you didn't ovulate. Can't wait to hear some good news from you. Wish you all the luck in the world.

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