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A little update on baby no2*sensitve*

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Hi guys,

Haven’t updated in awhile so just thought I’d let you know baby is happy and healthy in there! Currently 17 weeks 1 day. Had a bit of a scare this week with brown spotting and a bit of period pain but had a scan and baby was very healthy and happy! They can’t find any reason for spotting! Has anyone else had this? I didn’t have it when I was pregnant with Tommy!? Wondering if the pain I’m getting is just everything growing as the drs/midwives don’t seem worried. Seems to be located around my c section scar so I was thinking it’s possibly that stretching!

Hope you guys are well and lots of love to you all❤️


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Congratulations on your pregnancy. I'm glad that baby is well and happy.

Was this a private scan? Did they tell you the location of your placenta? I had some brown spotting in my 2nd pregnancy and was told at my 20 week scan that I had a low laying placenta which can cause spotting / bleeding. It only happened this one time for a couple of days and my placenta had moved high by 34 weeks. X

Thankyou so much!No it was NHS scan, they did say my placenta was low lying anterior but hoping it would move up as they usually do! So I thought that might be why I’m spotting as it was anterior high with my last pregnancy! Glad yours had moved by 34 weeks! They said they’ll wait until my 20 week scan to confirm location then if it’s still not moved I’ll have a scan later on to check where it is! X

Aw, that's brilliant news. Glad everything is going well and hope there's no more spotting, it must be so stressful xxx

Thankyou so much! Hope you are doing okay! Luckily no more brown spotting, was stressful and hoping it doesn’t happen again but I’m so glad baby was happy and healthy! Xxx

First of all, congratulations!!I had brown spotting during my whole pregnancy, every month after 20 weeks. And they did not find any reason for me either. They just said that everything was fine and that it can be normal. 😉

Thankyou so much! Your message means a lot! They said to me it can be pretty normal to spot etc in pregnancy and how every pregnancy is different! I’m glad everything was okay for you x

Omg just found this, baby looks so big..... hope your ok..... you get to see baby again soon #20weekscan 👶🏼 xx

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