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Think I'm losing the baby.

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Words are failing me.

We've had 2 chemical pregnancies, a late loss of Amelia at 20 weeks pregnant and I think I'm now losing this pregnancy too.

I'm still spotting fresh blood no cramping but this is day 4

I don't see a happy ending.

111 wouldn't help me get a scan over weekend despite my anxiety.

My gp couldn't get hold of epu so will try again today.

My mum is considering a private scan for me I cannot cope anymore with this. I don't want to face a scan alone after Amelia but they don't make exceptions. 🥲

I just want an answer but I think it's another loss.

What is wrong with me.

I am not allowed the steroids my ex fertility doctor recommended due to bloody COVID19.

All I want is a sibling fit my Francesca it's moly too mich to want 🥲

I am so depressed.

If anyone has had recurrent miscarriage and what helped you overcome it I would really appreciate it.

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Sending you so much love ❤️ sorry you are going through this! Maybe a private scan might be better so hubby can go with you xxx

Thank you we have one books for tomorrow. I can't scan alone. If I get bad news I want my husband there. I am preparing for the worst news. I can't seem to catch a break I don't think I'll have another baby Seemed to have hit a brick wall. I'll eat my words if I'm wrong. Can't think the blood is a good thing Xx

Oh Jess, thinking of you and I hope it turns out all OK. I’m furious they won’t fit you in for a scan given your history. Can your midwife help you at all?

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Jess1981 in reply to Mrs_MT

Thank you. The closet I was offered was Wednesday! So I've booked in private for tomorrow at 2. If it's not good news at least my hubby is with me if it is good news he gets to see the baby. I called maternity department yesterday no one would assist me a scan. Trouble is our epu is only open 9-12 Monday to Friday. A bit rubbish. But there you go! I need to know what is going on can't think the blood is good Xx

Oh hell, really hope it's not Jess. You know bleeding can be from other things and isn't necessarily a miscarriage but I can understand why you're jumping to the worst conclusion after everything you've been through. Everything crossed for you tomorrow hon xxx

Thank you. The spotting has eased an hour after I had booked the scan! I spot in every pregnancy but it is so unsettling to see any blood no pregnant lady wants to Hubby is positive and thinks this is just me in pregnancy! I have to prepare for worst but hope for best heck I've been doing this throughout my infertility journey! I will update ☝🏻 I hope your pregnancy is going nice and smooth Xx

🤞 it's just one of those things and BB is growing nicely in there. We have a scan on Friday. Quite anxious this time as HcG was a bit all over the place, rising slowly, then a bit faster, so not feeling too confident about this one - we've been amazingly lucky to get two pregnancies from two transfers, I can't help but feel our luck has to run out at some point.

Keep us posted tomorrow, I'll be thinking of you xxx

Hi lovely , I'm so sorry you're going through all of this. It's such a rollercoaster of a journey . You're strong and so brave to be able to keep going.

I've had re occurring miscarriages and ended up being referred to miscarriage clinic up at St Mary's hospital , Manchester. They did all the relevant blood tests , scans and general family history . It was all a very in depth conversation and from those we were able to pin point where the problem was. I was also put onto suppositories and also given a higher dose of folic acid to take along side the aspirin. But I would say to not do anything unless guided by your consultant or GP.

Sending you so much love right now.


I also had a Subchorionic hemorrhage (subchorionic hematoma) it is the most common sonographic abnormality in the presence of a live embryo. Vaginal bleeding affects 25% of all women during the first half of pregnancy and is a common reason for first-trimester ultrasonography.

taken from online. Is it possible it could be this xx

Good luck for your scan, thinking of you and praying it’s good news 🙏

Oh Jess I hope you’re able to get a private scan. Its absolutely awful that humanity is just thrown out of the window due to covid! How can they treat people this way 😞

Praying that all is ok xx

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