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. I feel really silly writing this but I feel this is the only place where someone may understand how I feel. I find it really hard being around pregnant friends/family and being part of conversations about people expecting. I feel completely jealous of how other people have that and I dont, I feel awful for saying that as its really not me but that’s how I feel. I literally try and avoid people who are pregnant and try and not be part of conversations to do with it. Am I just really stupid or does anyone else feel like this?!😢

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I know exactly how you feel. Can't tell you how many times I've cried when I've found out yet another friend or colleague is pregnant and I'm still not. My younger cousin is pregnant ATM and every time she puts some baby related posts on Facebook I hid them because I can't bear to look at them. I've avoided meetings with friends in the past especially when one of them is pregnant or wants to show us their new baby and sometimes meet ups have ended up being endless baby talk and I end up sitting there feeling miserable and feeling like I have nothing to contribute to the conversation .theres nothing stupid about feeling like this so please don't think that. I totally understand how frustrating and jealous it can make you feel:)


Hugs to you! I can totally relate, struggling with infertility makes you insane - it's not an easy road. Don't worry all of it is but momentary, as soon as you'll have your own bundle of joy this feeling will surely fade away. Please don't feel guilty or give in to self-pity over it - because this jealousy though bad comes from a point of love - the love for a baby and it's the desperation to have one that brings these changes. If possible try to avoid such places where you'll have to encounter baby stories or you may even tell your friends (in an indirect way) that you're genuinely happy for them but since you can't relate to it right now it only makes you feel cut-out. There's no pain in putting your opinion straight - don't be worried about how people will judge you - your comfort needs to be your priority. Also, discuss it out with your SO as he'll probably understand your situation and will be able to support you through this.


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