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Stressful holiday


Hi - new to this site. My 4yr old grandson has been diagnosed with autism. He's just been on a short holiday with his mum, dad and 6 yr old sister. He got really upset about being away from home (although he'd been looking forward to going) and became violent. My daughter and son in law are very good at coping with his temper but are really upset ad worried about taking him away in future. He's always well prepared so any other ideas please? Thanks

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Hi, Iam a mother to 4 boys one with autism aged 8.I also have a 4 year old being asessed for possible autism. First time on holiday with my son he was aged about 2 and though we did not know he was autistic,it was hard travelling on plane. He literally wanted to go swim in the lake and was saying it as the plane went over to land!. He screamed and said he wanted to go swimming! on the plane!.

Needless to say, I have since been terrified to go anywhere.We have been away but locally.Holidays are hard for them because of the "changes". They find it hard to cope with change.So new places and different environments will be hard for them.As they get older and get more exposure,they will get more used to it. Even just changing the room at home or toys can be issue!.

I have found it useful to talk to him about whats coming,what we will be doing and where we will be going.Remembering that children with ASD are visual. So using PECS a form of communication is very useful. Asking the nursery or looking on the National autistic Society,print them free online or make them yourself.If you are going on a plane,you may want to show images of them and the place you are going.Show them nearer the time about a week or two and maybe every other day so he can start processing the idea and whats coming.Use simple language and short sentences to explain and let him look and process the ideas

I do hope this helps you.

All the best.

Hi Flowers22, thank you for getting back to me. She does try to prepare him as much as possible but is going to try your suggestions about the photos etc. Hopefully this will go some way to making things easier for him to settle and enjoy his holiday.

Many thanks again,

Violet ??

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