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Normal behavior or cause for concern

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My 3 year old has been engaging in some rather destructive behaviors for about a year now. She has been biting herself and others, hitting her head against her bed and walls. I contacted the pediatrician and they told me it was age appropriate and that she is a strong willed child. They also said to be consistent when giving consequences. Has anyone's child done that? When should I be concerned?

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My son had challenging behaviour, interest and school interest changed him He got attention from school and us for his interests.

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Is your son on the spectrum?

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Yes but he still has interest and activities with sensory stimulation or without. He seems to like pictures and stickers! He watches cooking and is fascinated by it and likes life skills and does odd jobs dustpan and wiping surfaces

I use to be destruction when I was child always taking things apart then I grew bit older when I started school I started banging my head on school property then I was placed in special needs classes & as got older I started rocking bk and forwards to keep calm from birth to age of 17 I was muted I hung out with some crazy boyracer & in 2001 I thought I grabbed my cup of coffee at a car meet but instead grabbed my friends cup which was laced with speed which helped improve my communication skills making me talk to everyone & meet new people im against norcotics/drugs but they've helped me though the years..

Yes you should those are signs of autism

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I called the pediatrician about her behaviors and all she said was that I need to be consistent and set boundaries. Over the weekend she had a meltdown and she started hitting and biting herself. She was upset because I told her she couldn't eat popcorn in the car.

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