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Son is behaving bad


Autism, non verbal, low functioning autism son is kicking down the doors and office doors. At specialised college they can calm him down, by running but in this supported living place they can't, as they don't have the space. We suggested they use nice voice to ask him what he wants, shower, juice, food or television and whether he wants to go upstairs/downstairs. Can't tell if he has headache or such like. Really frustrating not being able to talk to him. What do you do to calm your child/teenager/adult?

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Can they set up a figure of eight running course for him (two chairs a little way apart that you can run around)? Or get him a static bike, maybe a resistance band? Young guys often have a lot of energy to use up and it's got to come out somehow. I often calm myself down by dancing around with some music on or pedalling my under desk bike.

I have a bit of experience working with people on the austic spectrum. It's a stressful time for the careers and it looks like him aswell. Does he have flash cards, what has other professionals said to for him to use(like the psychologist) does he have a plan that all the carers stick to so it is consistent in their approach. Sometimes I know it can be hard for all and you his mum. If it continues maybe he is better of in supported living with perhaps one other person or maybe his placement there is not suited.

I worked with a young chap roughly 18 years old he moved in to supported living with about 7 other residents he had alot of behavioural issues. He then moved into supported living with another chap the same age. He in such a good place with less behavioural problems.

Sometimes a change in medication can have a beneficial affect. I had an experience where a lady(she had autism and could not communicate) she was on risperdone liquid and the doctors increased it a small amount and she did not present the same behavioral problems as she once did(it made her more calm). There is lots of avenues to go down and look into to see what works for your son it might improve his behaviour. Like u said maybe he prefers a softer nicer voice is that in his support plan/risk assessment when he comes aggressive so that all carers are aware and agree this is their approach.

Does your son use a Picture Exchange Communication System (more info here: Is a speech therapist working with him on alternate communication? Could you call the people who know him from the college and ask them to speak with the current carers? Maybe they could advise? Do they do functional behavioral assessments to find the cause of the behavior ( So sorry you are going through this. Finding the cause is so important. If just needs calming though, weighted blankets and lavender oil help here.

Hi use more body language. If not happy frown at things like catch his eye and wink like the one where you turn your head as do be imaginative?

Think back to silent movies! soon have him giggling away.

But also explain things to him as you do them so engage him.

Hes kicking because not felt your communicating with him hes frustrated because it's not how you see the situation or he sees it but it's how his brain sees it.

Not sure what area you reside in? but there are groups in many places that can join/get help/info you can do a net search there is also the National place in london N1 who will have info.

Does he ever spend time with other Autistic Children?