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Dad is no bodies friend


He is not grateful for what we do for him, caring. In argument with my mum, he goes don't do the shopping for my disabled son and leave him having noodle which is the main food they (carers) give to him when cooking. Which is unfair to son as we provide cooked food, such as rice and vegetables, fruits and chicken and vegetable curry. We care for Dad and do alot but when it comes down to my son and me is so abusive and neglectful and has always been this way. Although now it is only in language now. He is recovering alcoholic with bad attitude.

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I am sorry that your dad is being mean to your son does he understand what autism is ?

Hb2003 in reply to Hb2003

I can’t fathom the fact this is heartbreaking 😭

Hidden in reply to Hb2003

No sometimes he imagines he can talk whereas he is nonverbal low functioning autistic - Dad has lots of problems understanding

Hb2003 in reply to Hidden

That is a huge problem

Hb2003 in reply to Hb2003

I am sorry about that you need to tell our dad to learn more about autism your dad should treat your son just like any other person

Who is supporting and helping YOU in that difficult situation?

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Carers support my son at supported living place but I am looked after by the social worker. They dropped my case as I was doing well and could look after myself and my son with the help of supported living place.

kevinmhickson in reply to Hidden

Sounds like you have had to be strong to get through all of those challenges. I hope you can continue to make progress; never be hesitant to ask for help.

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