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Autism the challenges behind design. Ideas or thoughts?​

Studying communication and design, I have decided to take a new challenge. Designing without purpose or for empty monetary reasons does not challenge my self.

Trying to understand how different kinds of communication can occur in different sections of society and its many demographics led me to reevaluate some concepts of how communication happens.

We are in a culture where communication is relying on verbal and visual contact. Unfortunately, not all of us will fit within this parameters.

I am not an expert on autism, that's why I have decided to post here. Getting people's advice and feedback may help what I am trying to achieve.

I intend to develop a system, based on semiotics to help people with autism to better express themselves. I understand that patterns are to some extent are quickly recognisable and can create a sense of identification.

I don't know where this project would take me, but I am sure that if we all at least try to understand people's need, we would live in a better world.

I am sorry if some of my descriptions are not accurate; feel free to correct me.

I would appreciate any ideas, inputs, thoughts or feedbacks.

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I was a support worker for adults with autism for many years and I now support a number of students on the spectrum, as well as being autistic myself. Lots of the autistic people I have worked with use meaning making systems such as PECS, objects of reference and hold communication passports. Primarily these are used by people considered to be "low functioning" (loathe as I am to use functioning labels). Students I support, and myself, who are considered "high functioning" I think are a group that is overlooked in terms of communication support probably because we are among people more often and are able to conform more closely to the neurotypical standard. However, often communication can be as daunting and difficult for us but tools like PECS are less appropriate. I'd be interested if you wanted to design a tool which uses semiotics to aid communication which is appropriate for everyone irrespective of how well they are considered to function. Good luck :-)