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High school and getting a diagnosis

I have a daughter who is 12 and has just recently started high school. And her learning and social problems are now more noticeable than ever. I am at a loss however of what to do and how to get her assessed. School aren’t very helpful. Just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience and how they dealt with it in the meantime?

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My children were diagnosed in primary school, but it did take years, especially with my son. It is harder to spot ASD in girls (my 9-year old daughter has it) and often schools don't recognise it. My daughter was diagnosed "despite" what the school said about her (according to the psychologist!). I would go to your GP with a list of traits and concerns that you have. It is important that she gets assessed because lots of girls with ASD are only diagnosed after some mental health issue comes to light. That's because girls try to blend in and when it doesn't work, it affects their mental health. You can also contact the National Autistic Society helpline. They may be able to give you some ideas of what to say in the GP appointment. Good luck and keep looking for answers. Don't let them put you off. x


Hi there. I have s friend who's kids have ADHD and autism and is fighting to get them assessed and they are younger than your daughter. It's a source of great stress to her so I know about it. And myself too of course battling to get my ADHD treated. I think there's a real lack of understanding of the severity of ADHD and autism which is shocking I have to say. You don't seem to get this with other disorders or illnesses. And I think it's ignorance and lack or education. And I'm sad to hear about your daughter as she's getting to that age where soon her peers are going to influence her and not always into good behaviours. But I think you know that already as a parent. I'd say fight for an assement and treatment and don't give up. And also observe and monitor your daughter carefully and read all you can in the condition. I wish you luck and hope you can get help for your daughter sooner rather than later. 😊❤️


Thank you for your reply. You are right it is really stressful. I really don’t think schools help at all either as it means more work for them. In the end I pull my daughter out of school and I am homeschooling which really helps me monitor all her behaviour better. I hope your friend gets through this time.


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