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Support for those with autism

Hello I am a student at the University of Edinburgh doing a study on those who have Autism and who's children have autism. The hope is that I can identify areas of support that are needed for those with autism, would be very grateful if you could complete my survey. Thank you:

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I have just completed it. Thank you for helping those with autism (my son has it, not me).

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Just completed it. By the way, is there anyone who has troubles focusing on subjects?


I am a step parent to 2 autistic children. Both were never clinically diagnosed until I came along. Their parents would not accept that there was a problem and figured they would just grow out of it. Of the 2 kids, one really concerned me so I have taken the necessary steps to have him diagnosed and seek therapy. He is 15. Now the entire family is aware of autism and what it is. It was very difficult though to find help. I also live in the US and was given this website for informational purposes. Not sure if you want me to take the survey since I am outside of the UK?